1. What is the process for requesting an evaluation and/or translation?

    We request that you carefully review our website and frequently asked questions prior to submitting an application. We also strongly recommend that you check with the institution(s) to which you will be submitting your evaluation/translation (schools, colleges, universities, licensing boards, etc.) to determine which type of evaluation is required for your specific goals.

    To have an evaluation completed by us, the process is as follows:

    1-Apply online. Allow approximately 15 minutes.

    2-Submit original or official transcripts, original diplomas and original translations, if applicable.


    Documents may be mailed or brought in person to our office. Refer to the Contact Us page for hours and contact information.

    3-Submit payment.

    We cannot begin an evaluation until all 3 items listed above are received. It is imperative that an application is submitted PRIOR to submitting documents. Otherwise it will be difficult to match your documents and this will cause unnecessary delay in the overall processing of your file. Further, to eliminate any confusion in matching your documents it is requested that you include a copy of your application or order number with any documents or payment mailed to our office.

  2. How do I know if my target institution or employer will accept your evaluation?

    We can't emphasize enough the importance of checking with your intended institution or employer if they will accept AES evaluations as well as the type of evaluation required. As a reminder, AES is a NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluations Services) member company.

  3. Can you evaluate documents from my country?

    Our evaluators are able to evaluate academic documents from any country and any time period.

  4. What type of evaluation do I need?

    You should check with the institution, prospective employer, immigration attorney or licensing board to understand the specific requirements before sending documents for evaluation/translation. Refer to the descriptions on our Services page as some general guidelines that could be helpful.

  5. What documents are required for evaluation/translation?

    Academic Evaluation Services, Inc. ONLY accepts original / official documents (transcripts, grade sheets, diplomas, certificates, etc.) referring to your education completed outside the United States. Check specific requirements by entering your country of study on our Home page. Note, this list is for guidance only and is not an all inclusive list.

    No photocopies, faxes, or scanned copies will be reviewed under any circumstances.

    Official documents previously submitted by the institution attended to an institution/office in the U.S. will be accepted when documents are forwarded to this office directly by the receiving US institution/office. Also, a copy of your driver's license or passport is required to verify identity. If the name on your school documents differs from that on your identification, proof of legal name change is required.

  6. What if my documents are not in English?

    Academic Evaluation Services, Inc. provides certified English translations of documents issued in a foreign language for additional fees. Refer to the "Translation Services" section on the Services page.

  7. How do I submit my documents to AES?

    You are responsible for obtaining and submiting your own documents, AES cannot request documents on your behalf. The most commonly used method to submit documents is via mail or courier. We also accept walk-ins where you may submit your documents in person. Refer to the Contact Us page for office hours and location.

  8. How will I know if you have received my documents?

    We utilize an online application system which allows us to provide you status updates via email. When documents are received in the mail we will update your account status within 2 business days. If you have confirmed that your package has been delivered and it has been more than 2 business days since the delivery ocurred, you may contact our office at info@aes-edu.org. It is possible that we have not been able to match your document based on a different name used in your application. In order to avoid delays please include a copy of your application or your order ID number with all mail correspondence.

  9. Will you return my original documents to me?

    Yes, all original documents are returned to you with your completed evaluation, unless the documents are determined to be fraudulent. Official documents, those that were submitted directly to AES by the issuing insitution and/or in a officially sealed or stamped envelope, will not be returned as these documents become property of AES once opened by us.

  10. What is the usual time that it takes for the evaluation/translation to be completed?

    As our volume fluctuates and each case is different, no guarantees can be given for an exact date of completion for regular files. However, GENERALLY services are completed in approximately two to three weeks once we have received your 1) application, 2) all required documents and 3) full payment for services requested. If your file requires verfication the time frame is dependent on the response time of the verifying institution and no time frame can be given. No services will be provided until all required documents have been received and all required fees have been paid.

    It is important to respond promptly to all email and phone requests for additional documents and/or payment to ensure your file is processed timely.

  11. What if I need the evaluation/translation sooner than the regular time frame?

    RUSH services are available. Refer to the "Rush Services" section on the Fees page.

  12. What if I need the evaluation/translation sooner, but I don't want to pay for RUSH services?

    Academic Evaluation Services is proud to be a NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluations Services) member company since May 2008. If your institution requires an evaluation from any NACES member company, we encourage you to check with another NACES member that may offer services within the timeframe that is in line with your personal deadlines.

  13. What forms of payment are accepted?

    Refer to the "Payment Options" section on the Fees page.

  14. How long do you keep my records on file?

    AES maintains records on all completed evluations for a period of three years from the date of the first evaluation/translation issued. Prior to January 1, 2013, records were maintained for a period of five years.

  15. Can I have additional copies of my evaluation/translation?

    Two copies of the evaluation/translation are issued to each client; one original (UNSEALED COPY) for the client and one official (SEALED COPY) for the institution of the client's choice. If additional official (SEALED) copies are needed, refer to the "Additional Copies" section on the Fees page.

  16. What if I have new documents to be added to an evaluation previously done?

    Any client may submit new documents to be added to an evaluation previously completed. New charges will apply. Refer to the "Updated Evaluation" on the Fees page.

  17. What if I have questions regarding the outcome of the evaluation?

    Academic Evaluation Services, Inc. has an open door policy regarding the review of the work completed. We guarantee the professionalism and integrity of our procedure, which is to give each document an honest and diligent evaluation. However, it will occur that the outcome of an evaluation does not necessarily meet the expectations of the client. Also, we would like to emphasize that our evaluation process will in no way be tailored to meet client expectations, it will be 100% based on our professional process.

    As stated in our literature, due to the differences between U.S. and foreign education systems, the evaluations do not necessarily equal the same number of credits, years of study, grades and degrees/titles granted in the original country.

    You are welcome to bring to our attention (in writing) any concerns you have regarding the outcome of your evaluation and we will review your file. However, as stated earlier, please remember that we conduct a professional evaluation process that is not determined in any way by the expectations of the client. We encourage you to thoroughly read through our website and our application to ensure you agree with the terms stated prior to submitting your request for services.

  18. What if I find a mistake on the evaluation/translation I receive?

    If you believe there is a mistake on your evaluation/translation, you are welcome to bring the issue to our attention in writing within 30 days by sending an email to info@aes-edu.org with your client ID, full name, date of evaluation, and detailed explanation of the suspected mistake. If your concerns have merit, a revised evaluation/translation will be issued at no additional cost to you.